• Art Christopher

Art Christopher graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance.  After opting out of a Wall Street career, Art returned to his beloved Virgin Islands, starting a portfolio management and investment company, Aesop Consulting. 

The Story goes that his spiritual development caused a realignment that led him to vegetarianism and the eventual start of Mellow Moods Cafe, a vegan/vegetarian cafe in Road Town, Tortola, serving the Virgin Islands community for almost 20 years.  Mellow Moods is a community gathering space and host to numerous community organisations – one being the African Studies Klub, of which Art is its current president.  The club hosts numerous events on African culture and Virgin Islands heritage, most notably, the annual Wreath Laying Ceremony, held at Black History Month’s opening to commemorate and memorialise our ancestors’ legacy. 

Art is also a member of the BVI Chess Federation and has represented the Virgin Islands internationally at the World Chess Olympiad, most recently in Chennai, India, as Board One for the BVI National Chess Team. 

Art considers himself a community activist and organiser.  He is a proud husband and father of two.

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